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Rob’s Caveman Year to Fight Pediatric Cancer: Alex’ Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer


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A Friend and Former Brother-in-Arms at the 10th Mountain Division made this pledge at the beginning of the the year 2015:

I will not shave any part of my body for the entire year to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Here’s Rob on Day #1 versus Rob Today (September 2015) of #RobsCavemanYear | #TheCavemanYear


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An impassioned Facebook post from thousands of miles away resonated with me on a very deep, personal level.

You see, family of a Disabled St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada) man tried for a MONTH to have an illegally-parked car removed that was blocking ingress and egress to his driveway. Noting that blocked access means that this Disabled St. John’s Man’s life was unreasonably placed at risk because Emergency First Responders (e.g., Ambulance, EMS, Fire, Police, etc.) were also blocked from rendering aid to this Disabled taxpayer if he needed them.

In a word, this situation was egregious, unsafe, and it presented a clear and present danger.

The whole thing became mind numbing when a quick search of the City of St. John’s laws on the books since 2004 was clearly on point, and was clearly not being followed. So, I initiated an all-out Social Media campaign to raise awareness among, inter alia, the Mayor and the City Council Members, and to (hopefully) secure some immediate relief for this Disabled St. John’s taxpayer.

The outcome? In a few hours (literally), I received email(s) from City of St. John’s Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth indicating that he had personally (on a Sunday) stepped up, rolled up his sleeves, personally reached out to and contacted this Disabled St. John’s Taxpayer/His Family and confirmed that the illegally-parked vehicle had been towed.


However, I don’t consider my effort(s) done, not yet. I challenged City of St. John’s Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth to stick with this. I challenged him, Mayor Dennis O’Keefe, and the rest of the City Council Members to ‘square’ or reconcile the disconnects between the City of St. John’s policies and procedures in place with the law that’s been on the books since 2004 that clearly ‘controls’ this issue (but hadn’t been followed). See:

Keep up the good work, Deputy Mayor Ellsworth! Let’s really “fix” this, to prevent ALL St. John’s Taxpayers (Disabled or not) from falling into the month-long abyss that this Disabled St. John’s man and his family fell into!

It Will Take A Village…

This is Kate Noonan Carr (1965 – 2015).

Kate was very Dear Friend who earlier this month passed away; Kate leaves behind her 2 beautiful children, ages 6 and 8, as orphans. You see, just last year, the children’s father passed away.

Now, the Kate’s family is working to obtain full custody of her 2 young children.

Nothing can replace their mother. But we hope that you can help. Please help spread the word to as many people as possible. Together, we can all make a difference in the lives of Kate’s beautiful children.

Farewell to a former classmate, friend…

LuAnn Bambrough Senior Yearbook Photo 1982

LuAnn Bambrough Memorial

The lives of so many were forever changed on Monday, March 17, 2014, when news that former Roy High School (RHS) Royal LuAnn Bambrough (1964 – 2014) known in the fashion world as “L’Wren Scott” had passed away alone in her Manhattan apartment, the result of a suspected suicide.

The local newspaper added a few memories of LuAnn (L’Wren), reminding folks of her ‘roots,’ that she was always true to her life’s passion for fashion. For those who knew her growing up, all will attest that she always carried herself with beauty, style, and grace.

Yes, she was multi-faceted, multi-talented…and Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend. But, alas, LuAnn (L’Wren) was so much more.

Rest In Peace, LuAnne (L’Wren) … #GoneTooSoon